12 Cool Hidden Features Of iOS 7


iOS 7. we have now had the rumours, we have had the help-the-newness-of-it-all-is-making-me-feel-ailing phase, now it’s time for the information and methods.

Apple’s new running device has refreshed the asthetics of your iPhone, however it is usually delivered a couple of small, cool features and sorted out some previous bugs we just like the grumble about.

If you have not given in and up to date yet, here’s 12 the reason why you should.
1 cease a couple of apps directly
Closing down apps to preserve battery life was one of the crucial early ‘little identified iPhone pointers’. Now you could close a few at a time. Double click on the home button as general, then use three fingers to swipe three apps immediately.

2 digicam mode
The digital camera app can now take sq. photographs, which means no matter plate of food, Autumnal scene or vacuous selfie you want to share with the world on Instagram will all the time seem in full.

3 In constructed spirit degree
a distinct segment device, admittedly, however useful none the much less. The compass app now also acts as a spirit level, which means that you would be able to not simplest navigate your method all over the world however perfectly straighten each image you see in your means.

four Siri can also be corrected
if you’re the kind of one who doesn’t thoughts using voice activation to your mobile phone in public, as a minimum you can now do it more competently. Siri – whose voice that you can additionally trade – may also be taught to get issues right with a stern ‘that’s no longer the way you pronounce that’. So now that you can best speak to your phone, but tell Set your own vibrations
an excessive amount of of a maverick for the basic four/four beat? adequate jazz man, simply go to Settings>Sounds>Ringtone>Vibration>Create New Vibration and that you would be able to set the iPhone to tickle your thigh to your own rhythm.

6 you like
Debt collectors, charity employees and unhinged exes can all now be block from your lifestyles for excellent by way of a to hand new device – just go to Settings>telephone>Blocked to get began.

7 textual content message time stamps that closing perpetually
Settling an argument? Writing your autobiography? offering a police alibi? All may also be aided by means of the fact time stamps now ultimate on every text message you send or obtain ceaselessly, through simply sliding them to the left.

8 The clock icon is a now actual clock
With a ticking 2d hand, and the whole thing Maps has an evening mode
To lend a hand reduce down on fatal automotive accidents and muggings, Apple maps now has a at hand evening mode, that means the show shall be darker and less distracting at certain instances.

10 limitless folder space
a really perfect one for all you OCD sufferers out there. which you could now places as many app icons in a single folder as you want, meaning your home reveal can be as neat and tidy as you are.

eleven automated app updates
No more going into iTunes to get the newest model of Tinder – which you could set your iPhone to be repeatedly updating apps automatically.

12 needs
The iPhone is now somewhat cannier with the guidelines you supply it, which means when you inform it your tackle, it could remind you to do issues whilst you get house. Tragically, when you inform it your date of beginning it’s going to want you smartly when the day arrives. You common man, you.

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