Rolls Royce Chicane Phantom Coupé Will Terrify Continental GTs


With the skills of the arena’s most interesting car designers and craftspeople at a consumer’s disposal, idea for a Bespoke Rolls-Royce can strike anywhere.

Rolls-Royce Motor vehicles Dubai brand manager, Mohammed EL-Arishy’s imagination used to be piqued at the same time as eating on the Goodwood lodge, adjoining to the home of Rolls-Royce. pictures of motor racing greats negotiating the historical Goodwood motor circuit drew his eye. A session with Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke design crew adopted:

“i wanted to create a motor automotive that captures the unique ambiance and historical past of the Goodwood Motor Circuit. the home of Rolls-Royce’s connection to such an important centre of British motoring heritage is one thing that fascinates my clients,” mentioned Rolls-Royce Motor vehicles Dubai brand supervisor, Mohammed EL-Arishy. “The expertise of working with Rolls-Royce’s world-type designers to create the fantastically performed Chicane Phantom Coupé was exhilarating. The creativity, imaginative and prescient, skill and a focus-to-element employed in the crafting of these one-off motor cars is unsurpassed in the tremendous-luxury world.”

Rolls-Royce Bespoke Chicane Phantom Coupé

the result, the one-of-a-sort Chicane Phantom Coupé accommodates design cues and supplies that evoke Goodwood’s rich motor game historical past.

a conventional interior wooden-end makes way for carbon fibre, alluding to the supplies utilized in up to date racing machines. This extremely recent theme extends to the outside of the car, with the bonnet and windscreen surround finished in a matte black, perfectly complementing the Gunmetal exterior paint.

colored wheels matching the principle exterior paint finish are additionally certain, the first time this type of characteristic has adorned a recent Rolls-Royce motor car.

home made details throughout allude to the automobile’s ancient motor racing theme with chequered flag motif stitching to the seats echoed on the exterior with an identical Bespoke coachline. The based homage is done with a steel plaque expressing the automobile’s identify and Goodwood’s well-known observe layout situated discreetly within the glove compartment.

this is not the primary time an unexpected spark of proposal has taken a Rolls-Royce customer; commissions have incorporated an exterior paint colour completely matched to a favorite eye shadow and a wood-veneer sourced from a tree on a customer’s estate.

“clients often task us with designing cars themed around a particularly passion or hobby. the buyer leads the ingenious process, working in collaboration with us to create a extremely non-public, one-off masterpiece. As Bespoke designers we take nice pleasure in turning these desires into truth,” said Gavin Hartley, Bespoke Design manager.

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    1. Ant Eksiler يقول

      This whole article is filled with marketing buzzwords. Almost like it is marketing filler.
      And all I get from it is some unimaginative guy from Dubai who happens to work for Rolls Royce was at Goodwood, and was like “Hey, I live in a desert…and I have no real imagination…so let me out a red interior in this here Rolls and maybe get some different wheels, and call it a Chicane edition…because there will be plenty of people like me (who have no imagination) who would buy something because they have no other way to spend their money (because of lack of imagination).”

      1. Ant Eksiler يقول

        Hand-crafted details throughout allude to the car’s historic motor racing theme with chequered flag motif stitching to the seats echoed on the exterior with a matching Bespoke coachline. The elegant homage is completed with a metal plaque expressing the car’s name and Goodwood’s famous track layout located discreetly in the glove compartment.

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