The 'Entourage' Movie Is Finally Happening


It looks as if issues are with regards to hugged out for group “Entourage.” After a two-week stretch of juicy tabloid headlines about greed and friendship, co-star Jerry Ferrara informed Wendy Williams that the film adaptation could occur as soon as presently.

“it is having a look good. it can be having a look real excellent. it is usually closed lately,” Ferrara, who played Turtle on the HBO collection, stated in an interview with Williams. “I might go take a look at my cellphone right now, and it’s executed. it can be real close. We’re hoping to shoot in January.”

Ferrara’s phrases echo what co-superstar Kevin Connolly has been saying for a while. talking to TMZ on last Sunday, Connolly said the movie was once going to happen, and whereas nothing was legitimate simply but, it looked more likely to megastar manufacturing in January. Connolly had equivalent enthusiasm for the film back in April of this year. “the whole lot is such hard work, however that’ll be like a vacation,” Connolly mentioned to HuffPost entertainment about returning to “Entourage.” “it may possibly’t occur fast sufficient for me.”

As for the extend, speculation has run rampant that Ferrara and megastar Adrian Grenier had been preserving out for a better deal in lieu of what Jeremy Piven obtained for the movie.

“Is that what the streets are pronouncing? Do you believe the streets?” Ferrara requested Williams when she recommended that rumor to him during the interview. “here’s what i’m going to say about holdouts: Athletes hold out when they’ve a contract they do not wish to honor. It goes on more than you suppose. there’s so many different elements of creating a movie. it is usually so simple as scheduling. Like on one week, someone has to be someplace. no one is maintaining out. We knew the whole time we needed to do this movie. We’re in truth kind of schedule, believe it or now not.”

Ferrara made similar feedback to TMZ after producer Mark Wahlberg instructed that some individuals of the “Entourage” group have been being greedy.

“i do know nothing,” Ferrara mentioned whereas being ushered earlier the paparazzo. “i might do it free of charge.”

Watch Ferrara’s charming interview with Wendy Williams beneath. (She asks him about women and his weight loss and preventing Robert De Niro.)

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