Whisky And Oysters: Together At Last


until recently – this week, if truth be told – we hadn’t regarded as the gastronomic potentialities that the pairing of oysters and whisky may carry.

certain, they’re each tasty, manly things in their very own right – but that does not imply that they may be as destined as say, Sir Francis Bacon and rooster, or intercourse and cigarettes.

thanks to a bunch of oyster connoisseurs who name themselves the mummy Shuckers (!), oysters and whisky has become a reality with a brand new Covent backyard pop-up. The Shuckers have teamed up with the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, who are liable for sourcing an unbelievable number of high-finish, brief-run British whisky.

The brief space is called Pearl Dram. Naturally.

So what the hell occurs to at least one’s palette when it can be lavished with smokey cask whisky and sea-salty oysters?

Very, very good things.

The dance of buttery, smooth oyster – so flavoursome they may be totally devoid of garnish – and light, floral whisky is mesmerising.

Pearl Dram has six pairings to consume and drink your manner via. In a rogue flip, you might be inspired to chew and saviour the oysters, taking in the notes in the same model you may do with, say…a whisky.

Our choose of the bunch? A 16 yr old, relatively salty marmalade-tinged whisky, which was once partnered up with the creamy, flavour-loaded Colchester oyster: a one-two punch you can be satisfied to take.

If we’re being entirely honest, you ought to work your manner throughout the choice twice – for posterity, and because, dang, deep-sea British oysters and top class cask whisky had been saved apart for some distance, some distance too long.

The Pearl Dram Whisky and Oyster Bar is popped-up at 53 Monmouth boulevard, Seven Dials, London, WC2H 9DG from Thursday 5 September to Sunday 8 September (Thurs-Sat midday-9pm, solar noon-5pm). Entry is free.

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