Young Women, Drinking and Rape


over time, I steadily have discovered myself wanting to point out to younger ladies that in the event that they get blind inebriated they run an extraordinarily severe possibility of being raped. however i do know that the advice will probably be misunderstood and misused.

So I go away it unsaid as a result of some listeners will inevitably conclude that i’m blaming women for being raped, reasonably than their assailants for raping them.these listeners will suppose that by way of telling ladies to forestall ingesting i’m ignoring the want to redecorate legal legislation so that it stops the rapists from raping.

quite than advising ladies that they’re entitled to drink as so much as males, we must condemn this habits in each genders, and put safety first.

It’s real that sufferer-blaming has long been phase and parcel of the felony law’s acquiescence to rape. over the years, rapists were let off the hook because of their victims’ failure to fight them off, sexual expertise, popularity, demeanor, clothing and – yes – drinking.

Feminists are working to change a culture and a regulation that have vilified girls for the very same behavior that we tolerate, if now not have fun, in males. unless those modifications fully take hold, we will have to be wary of claiming anything in an effort to improve the sexual double standard that has made it troublesome to prosecute even probably the most violent rapes.

but, until that fluctuate absolutely takes hang, girls stay susceptible to kinds of sexual violence in opposition to which the felony regulation does now not effectively protect them. considering that that’s so, it’s essential – in some spaces, at some instances, for some audiences – to make it possible for ladies are told how to protect themselves.

We additionally should commence asking whether we will have to be defending anyone’s proper to get blind inebriated within the first location. Whose equality pursuits are served by using insisting that, as a result of men have long been valorized for binge consuming, girls must be valorized for it too? The habits is dangerous for men in addition to for women, leaving participants of both genders susceptible to all different types of accidents, together with rape.

rather than in quest of to achieve gender equality by advising ladies that they’re entitled to drink as a lot as men, we might imagine condemning this behavior in both genders.

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